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This website is running off a 1992 Macintosh LC II (code name Foster Farms), which is the wimpiest Mac that can run a proper Unix OS (NetBSD).

Technical Specs

Motorola 68030 & m68881 @ 15.667 MHz
10 MB of 16 bit RAM
73 GB IBM / Seagate ST973401LC UW-SCSI drive
NetBSD 9.2
bozotic HTTP server (bozohttpd)

Why the Rescued Mac LC II?

This rescued Mac LC II was given to me by someone who thought he didn't have the skill to repair it, since it was heavily oxidized and had damage from battery acid and capacitor goo. I cleaned it up and installed new capacitors, and it ran! Because it had no case, I then built it on to a dollar store tray, gave it batteries, a speaker, a SCSI drive, a Mac-to-VGA adapter, an LC PDS ethernet card, an m68881 math coprocessor and two four meg, 30 pin SIMMs. Although it physically has 12 megs of memory, only 10 are usable.

Who is Responsible?

The Rescued Mac LC II was built and maintained by AnachronistJohn

This web page was shamelessly stolen from ARadioGurl

How Does it Work?

A separate machine routes a /28 of static IPv4 addresses over a tunnel using tinc. This machine uses that tunnel transparently and uses locally provided Hurricane Electric IPv6.

Here's a picture.

Is this as cool as ARadioGurl's Cracked Mac Macintosh Plus web server?

No. That's pretty darned cool. This is more an example of what might be the lowest possible spec for running a modern OS like NetBSD. The fact that an OS in 2022 OS can boot and run on a system with 10 megabytes of memory, and a 16 MHz system with 16 bit wide memory at that, is pretty remarkable. It's even usable, with patience, over ssh.

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Twitter: @javierivera