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This website is running off a 1993 Macintosh LC III (code names Elsie III and Vail), overclocked from 25 MHz to 33 MHz (unofficially making it an LC III+). It's a wonderful example of how well a 30 year old computer can run a modern Unix (NetBSD).

Technical Specs

Motorola 68030 & m68882 @ 31.334 MHz
36 MB of 32 bit RAM (soon to be 68 MB)
73 GB IBM / Seagate ST973401LC UW-SCSI drive
NetBSD 10.0_RC3
bozotic HTTP server (bozohttpd)

Why the Mac LC III+ web server?

The m68020 and m68030 are the first truly accessible CPUs that can run a modern Unix. Sure, you can run NetBSD on VAXen from 1977, and plenty of Unix systems were available before the m68020, but most people wouldn't have been able to afford those. '020 and '030 systems were expensive in the 1980s, but by 1990 or so prices had come down enough that regular people could have Amiga 3000s, Mac SE/30s and so on. The LC line in particular was made to be affordable.

I had rescued an LC III ages ago, but it didn't work at all. When I finally had some time, I recapped the motherboard, connected a new power supply and built everything on to a dollar store metal tray, much like I did for my rescued LC II.

This system is a small, low power, highly reliable m68030 test machine that compiles its own software from source using pkgsrc. Sure, perl takes more than a week to compile, but this system never crashes.

Who is Responsible?

The Mac LC III+ web server was built and is maintained by AnachronistJohn

This web page was shamelessly stolen from ARadioGurl

How Does it Work?

A separate machine routes a /28 of static IPv4 addresses over a tunnel using tinc. This machine uses that tunnel transparently and uses locally provided Hurricane Electric IPv6.

Here's a picture.

#MARCHintosh Event Logo concept and design by Javier Rivera
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC550QsLjbk-zxUv4u717EJQ
Twitter: @javierivera